Matthew Rodriguez

My wife and I were planning our wedding in 2018 and contacted Tracey to see if we were a good fit. Tracey was amazing. Both my wife and I had a good feeling about her from the very first meeting. Tracey was punctual, very easy going and very attentive. As floral novices both my wife and I were throwing out ideas, that in hindsight were kind of ridiculous but Tracey didn’t shoot anything down and just continued to get a better feel for who we were and what was important to us. I was very impressed with her overall knowledge of wedding planning and all of the intricacies of the big day. Honestly, after our first meeting with Tracey we were probably more excited about the wedding then at any point during the entire wedding planning process. A few weeks later Tracey provided us with an idea board filled with floral examples, color palettes, unique center piece examples, and much more. We are so glad that we allowed Tracey the space to exercise her creativity. What she came up with left us in awe. Tracey had transformed our backyard into something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I had spent the past month tearing things down, re-building things, landscaping, shopping for suits, tasting cake, and on and on getting ready for this big day. By that point I had seen a lot of transformation. But the moment I saw Tracey’s work completed I had to take a seat. In that moment I had realized the significance of what we had been working so hard for. Tracy’s diligent work and creative vision were what had brought everything in to perspective for me. It was one of those moments in life that you don’t forget. After everything was said and done, my wife and I can say that we were blessed to have had Tracey take care of our wedding. We put our trust in her process and the results were so much more than we could have ever dreamed of. She was professional, punctual, clear in communication, creative beyond our imagination and she delivered. If it needs a floral touch then Tracy is the one to deal with. We will continue to utilize and recommend Tracy’s services from this point forward.